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“You make the moment. I make the memory.”

~ Ronnie B. Photography ~

Hello and thank you for stopping by Ronnie B. Photography! I am a studio and natural light photographer based in Atlanta, GA (available worldwide). I specialize in portraits, lifestyle, events (including weddings), and currently delving into editorial photography.

So, where did it all begin? Well, I’ve always been an enthusiast of and contributor to performing arts. This “artsy fartsy” part of me gradually spread to visual arts as well. My interest in photography began merely as a hobby and quickly escalated to a calling when I birthed my son. I spent countless hours creating, directing, and executing his newborn, infant, and toddler photos. This quickly spread to shooting a session for a family friend here then shooting an event there; and the story goes on. Gradually, I was convinced and began to “write the vision and make it plain.”

It is my belief that a photo is the sincerest form of “life art.” My mission is to go beyond capturing a beautiful image, but rather provide a product that delivers a sensation so impactful that it engages the viewer long after the moment has passed. I’m honored to “level up” to my assignment of being an artist & visual storyteller. Most importantly, I look forward to taking you along with me. After all, this isn’t just photography…this is LIFE!